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        Haixia Campus
        Banshan Campus
        Jimei Campus
        Zhangzhou Campus

        Sky Avenues

        Banshan Campus

        Located in down-town Xiamen, we opened our Royal Hill Residences Campus in late 2015. This beautiful, custom designed campus has space for 240 children to grow, learn and develop into responsible, creative, caring and exceptional World Citizens! Our Royal Hill Residences school currently offers English immersion, Montessori birth-6 years programs. We are excited about the opportunities that this campus will bring to the families of central Xiamen.


        Address: Royal Hill Residence No.75, Qiao Yue Li, Siming District, Xiamen


        Contact Us

        Addr:Crystal Lake Villas No.150, Bin Shui Si Li, Jimei, Xiamen





        Haixia Campus:Straits International Community No.42, Hui Zhan Beili,Siming District, Xiamen        

        Banshan Campus:Royal Hill Residence No.75, Qiao Yue Li, Siming District,Xiamen

        Jimei Campus:Crystal Lake Villas No.150, Bin Shui Si Li,Jimei, Xiamen

        Zhangzhou Campus:Intersection of Bihu Road and Xinghu Road, Longwen District,Zhangzhou

        About Us   

        Tianyu Education & Management Co.Ltd