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        Haixia Campus
        Banshan Campus
        Jimei Campus
        Zhangzhou Campus

        Sky Avenues

        Zhangzhou Campus

        Zhangzhou Chengtou Sky Avenues Bilingual Kindergarten is built according to the construction requirements set by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The floor space of the kindergarten is more than 6000 square metres and there are 19 classes in the campus. Each class has a rest area, a washroom and a study area. All classes are ventilated and dry and have sufficient sunlight. There is a multimedia hall, a baking class and an art class in the campus. The outdoor area is wide and beautiful, with a sand pool, an animal feeding area and a planting area for children to get in touch with nature.


        Address: Intersection of Bihu Road and Xinghu Road, Longwen District, Zhangzhou


        Contact Us

        Addr:Crystal Lake Villas No.150, Bin Shui Si Li, Jimei, Xiamen





        Haixia Campus:Straits International Community No.42, Hui Zhan Beili,Siming District, Xiamen        

        Banshan Campus:Royal Hill Residence No.75, Qiao Yue Li, Siming District,Xiamen

        Jimei Campus:Crystal Lake Villas No.150, Bin Shui Si Li,Jimei, Xiamen

        Zhangzhou Campus:Intersection of Bihu Road and Xinghu Road, Longwen District,Zhangzhou

        About Us   

        Tianyu Education & Management Co.Ltd